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7/16 – 8/10, 2019

Painting Center New York - Patterns of Influence: Artists Who Teach

Pleased to announce that I have been accepted into this group exhibition at the Painting Center ( New York)
Patterns of Influence: Artists Who Teach
Curated by Andrea Kantrowitz, Sue Collier and Barbara Laube

Above image: Mosaic Pathways, 2018, Inkjet archival print, 16” x 20”

Above image: Mosaic Pathways, 2018, Inkjet archival print, 16” x 20”

How does your artistic practice inform your teaching practice? How does observing and nurturing your student’s artistic growth and development impact your own art?

Statement: To me, art is not something I set aside time to practice each day. It is a way of life and how I interact with the world around me. I apply this playfulness and create an environment in my classroom that encourages innovation, critical thinking and challenges students to pause and question the world around them.

The Painting Center presents Patterns of Influence, a group exhibition that brings together diverse works by 45 contemporary artists who teach in settings ranging from preschools to high schools, community centers, prisons and universities. Their art and teaching practices influence each other in myriad ways as well, competing for time and attention, but also energizing and inspiring each other. Patterns of Influence manifest in dense and layered materials and images; both abstract and representational. In bronze relief, wood, glass, paper, or oils on canvas, each work records a personal journey of discovery. Underlying the rich variety of the artworks in this exhibition is a palpable delight in art making that mirrors the mutual give and take of student and teacher. Artist Marta Cabral explains, “I listen to my students and help them figure out ways of relating to the world. In the studio, I try to do the same, by exploring and listening to materials.”
These artists are reminded by their students to stay attentive and open to experience and to others. Even in the most abstract pieces, there is a shared sense of human presence, relatedness and adventure that animates the work. Artist and pre-school teacher Brittany Miller writes, “I’m going to keep trying to uncover the unknown… following the children wherever they lead me. That’s the most exciting thing about teaching, and about making art--we don’t know where we are going yet.”
Artists include: Peter Bonner, Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Marta Cabral, Dionsio Cortes, Carlo D'Anselmi, Adrian Deva, Alanna Dunn, Anne Finkelstein, Andrew Fish, Celia Gerard, Gregory Gomez, Mary Hafeli, Fiona Halse, Vic Honigsfeld, Joseph Iacona, Leeah Joo, Melissa Joseph, Somayeh Kashi, Franziska Klotzler, Erin Koch Smith, Melanie Kozol, Judith Kruger, Eunji Lee, Bonnie Levine, William Low, Deborah Lutz, Karen McGarry, Samantha Melvin, Edmund Merricle, Brittany Miller, Patricia Miranda, Kayla Mohammadi, Katherine Mojzsis, Alan Montgomery, Indira Morre, Lotte Petricone, Jessica Poser, Lisa Pressman, Julia Rooney, Jo Ann Rothschild, Dena Schutzer, Reuben Sinha, Susan Stillman, Jamie Treacy, Deborah Winarski.
Exhibition Dates: July 16 – August 10, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 18, 6 - 8 pm
Panel discussion: 10 August 2019
Exhibition and location details: The Painting Center, 547 West 27th Street, suite 500, New York, NY 212-343-1060
Hrs: Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm
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By Jon Bodell March 12, 2019


By Jon Bodell March 12, 2019


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