Finally a quick post...Awards Night

Recently, I submitted two of my photographs for a yearly photo competition done by NHPPA. First time I ever submitted anything for competition of any sorts. Anyhow, long story short, it was a fantastic experience and to top it off I was awarded three ribbons. Both images scored high and therefore merited and one of them received an additional Judges choice award only given to 7 images out of 180 images submitted for competition. I couldn't be more pleased and it gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed. Already cooking up ideas for photographs to submit for next year. 

So much going on...not enough time to blog.

So as you can see, I'm very bad about blogging. But for a quick update on whats going on at Somayeh Kashi Art. I have several students now for private lessons and talks of doing a camp this summer is in the works. Prepping for my first NHPPA competition, hoping to get two prints submitted, fingers crossed it does well! Also shot beautiful maternity photographs of the loveliest family. 


Edward Weston Pepper

Seems like drawing a pepper can't be that hard but for an elementary school child it is a feat. If you tell them to draw an apple that you place in front of them, without looking at the apple or without hesitation they begin drawing what they think an apple is. Perhaps a circle with a stem, maybe even a leaf hanging from the stem. But I wasn't asking her to draw what she thinks a pepper looks like but a very specific pepper.

I was met with a bit of frustration and a lot of doubt. "But I don't know what a pepper looks like!" So I literally had to lay my fingers on each curve of that pepper. Draw that curve! How about this curve? Is it flat, or bumpy? Which direction does the line go? With a lot of coaxing, she started to understand what i was asking her to do. Literally draw what you see and we finally got to the shading. The whole point of this exercise. Squint your eyes! Which is the darkest area? Which is the lightest? Go darker...go lighter. Eventually she created this beautiful replica of a pepper. As for her assignment for this week: she had to pick a fruit and draw it in her sketchbook and shade it as she sees it. 


Portraits Workshop

If anyone knows me at all, they would tell you that I love taking workshops. I mean if there was a workshop every week, I'd seriously signup for all of them. As a stay-at-home mom much of my time is taken by house choirs, kids, etc.. but if I allowed it to consume my whole life, I know for a fact a large part of me would literally die. So workshops is my save all. Putting time aside to perfect my craft. One of the main purpose of me joining NHPPA was for the amount of resources in the form of workshops and the connections it would create. My first workshop was last weekend through NHPPA and it was family portraiture, something I definitely needed to work on. So here is my first image post class, which I will redo today due to some issues with catchlights in her eyes but thankfully my daughter doesn't mind being the model for most of my experiment photography.