Hello, I am Somayeh Kashi

First generation American, first daughter of two Iranian born parents that immigrated to the United States of America in the late 70’s. I began my life within the fine arts from an early age. My parents decided to enroll me in various diverse art courses, and even private lessons in Iran where I also lived for a few years.

This all led me to Massachusetts College of Art and Design where I received a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in Architectural Design. Inspired, I wanted to be able to share my passion for the arts and continued my education. I then received a Masters in Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix.

Today, I teach Visual Arts full-time at Rundlett Middle School. As well as oversee the National Junior Art Honor Society chapter at RMS. I am also a board member at Kimball Jenkins School of Art. I also teach during the summer for two weeks at Concord Community Music School Art Camp.

I'm a mother of two school-aged children and a wife to business owner/entrepreneur by day and musician/drummer by night in Concord, NH. Aside from creating lesson plans in my evenings, I also paint, enjoy photography, and experiment with various other art forms. I am also an avid traveler; enjoy traveling around the world and camping.

Photo Credit : Matt Creem - https://mattcreem.com